We’re fast approaching the final 48 hour of The Others Kickstarter, and I realised I haven’t posted any more pictures of the amazing sculpts that went into this project. We had a fantastic team working on this, so I’m going to give them a quick shout-out and add some images of their work. We’ve shown well over 100 miniatures so far on the project page, and there are a few more to come before the madness ends. Everyone who has contributed to this massive undertaking has my thanks for producing such amazing work – this board game really is one of a kind, and it’s the talents of the sculptors involved that has made it that way,

Sculptors Р Juan Navarro Perez, Jody Siegel, Jacques- Alexandre Gillois, Jason Hendricks, Steve Saunders, Stephane Simon, Remy Tremblay, Stephane Nguyen, Sebastien Labro, Rafal Zelazo, Elfried Perochon, Giorgio Bassani, Bobby Jackson, Jose Roig and Charles Barkley

Here are some images of their amazing work

DEATH-1 FAMINE-1 PESTILENCE-2 TO-003.1 TO-005.3 TO-013.1 TO-048.1 TO-058.1 TO-084.2 TO-085.10 TO-100.1 untitled.69 untitled.74 WAR-9