Welcome to the new Studio McVey website! The old Flash-based site has been unfit for purpose for a while now, so this is long over-due. The new site will be far easier to update with news and images than the old one, and it allows us to show larger and more detailed photographs of our miniatures. It’s still a little work-in-progress – especially the Hobby section. At the moment we have all the hobby material over on the Studio McVey Blogger site, but it’s hard to access the older articles there, so we will start to port them over to this site as soon as we get the chance. We also plan to expand the range of hobby videos – more mews on that as we have it.

We also plan to have a gallery specifically for our older painting, sculpting and diorama work (of which there is quite a lot…), but that may take a little time to get organised.

In the mean time – have a look round and let us know what you think! We have a busy few weeks coming up here, so we’ll be posting quite a lot of news – be sure to come back and check it out.