French Rules

There is now a French translation of the Sedition Wars rules, cards and campaigns available to download.

Gnosis Release!

We’re back in the studio after Salute now, and we had a great time. It was good to catch up with everyone again, and meet some new people. The new Sedition Wars preview miniatures went down a storm – but as promised we kept some back and have just put the first group in the store.

On the way to Salute – one more preview.

We’re currently on our way down to London for Salute tomorrow, the car is packed to the roof and I’ve just remembered I forgot to print out the price lists – one more job to do when we get there! We’re really looking forward to the show though, it’s always a great day and we really enjoy catching up with everyone. We’re at stand TL13 – please come by and see us if you’re going to be there.

The Preacher

This is my favourite of all the new miniatures shown so far – Uriah Severn, one of the mysterious Preachers, who are follow with religious zeal by the faithful of the Firebrand rebellion.

The Strain

We’ve already previewed one of the new Strain – the Thraex; today we’re going to look at a few of the other Strain miniatures that will feature in the upcoming Sedition Wars games.